Student Welfare and Management

Positive Behaviour For Learning (PBL)

At Mount Rogers Primary School we are embedding an evidence-based whole school approach to behaviour management known as Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL). At Mount Rogers, PBL forms the foundation of our values program. Students and staff work together to determine the expectations for the school, and the behaviours which demonstrate these are explicitly taught and regularly reviewed in every classroom. Through this approach, all members of the Mount Rogers community share a common language and understanding, build stronger student-teacher relationships and quality learning environments. Our PBL program is guided by our RISE acronym. Expectations for behaviour in all setting are based on the values of Respectful, Inclusive, Safe and Engaged learners. You will see posters explaining our RISE expectations displayed prominently around the school. Students are recognised for demonstrating positive behaviours and rewarded with weekly motivators at Monday morning lines. Students who continue to demonstrate RISE expectations are presented with bronze and silver ribbons, and then a gold medallion. Our student management processes are guided by the Education Directorate's Safe and Supportive Schools Policy.

Wellbeing Room

PBL provides wellbeing support for all students including those with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. The prime purpose of the wellbeing room is to provide students with a safe and calm environment to discuss any issue they may be having at school. Wellbeing is also a place where teachers can provide targeted teaching of social and managing friendships.