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Student Welfare and Management

Our school has a strong and effective Student Management Policy.  Teacher and parent communication plays a large role in the administration of our policy.

Students are guided to take responsibility for their own behaviour, to consider others and the environment and to develop respect for the rights of all within the school.  This is best achieved through the development of positive, caring, trusting and supportive student/teacher relationships.

The objectives of our Student Management Policy are to encourage behaviour which develops:

• self-discipline and self-esteem among students
• respect for the rights of others
• healthy emotional and social development

In order to make our school a safe, caring and sharing environment, students are taught social and co-operative behaviours throughout the school.

Our school seeks to strengthen our Student Management Policy by involving the students in regular class meetings, assemblies, Peer Tutoring and Peer Support programs.  Conflict resolution skills, restorative practices and the display of rules and consequences in all classes are also areas promoted to strengthen and encourage responsible behaviour in our students.  Our school rewards students for quality work as well as encouraging the development of self control.

Our school's approach to student behaviour is oriented towards:
• development of student independence and responsibility
• development of students' sense of belonging and self-worth
• logical consequences for behaviour
• classroom meetings for planning, problem solving and the development of social skills
• development of communication skills
• use of time-out areas in the classroom and the playground
• exit procedure for students exhibiting repeated disruptive behaviours

Restorative Practices

Restorative practices are followed at Mount Rogers to assist students resolve differences of opinion.  All students are encouraged to develop responsible habits and care for one another.


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