Parents and Citizens Association (P&C)

Parents and Citizens Association (P&C)

All parents and carers of children attending the school are deemed to be members of the Parents and Citizens Association. Meetings are held in the first week of each month with dates announced in the school newsletter. All parents and carers are welcome to attend and participate in discussion and decision making.

The P&C provides a forum for community feedback on school policies and activities, and fosters interest in educational matters.

A major role of the P&C is to fundraise for additional resources for the school. The P&C organises major fundraising events throughout the year. All monies raised go to the school to benefit the children through new equipment, resources and special programs.

The P&C operates the school canteen, recycled uniform shop, school banking for students, and an exercise program. Managed by small sub-committees these operations rely on parent and carer volunteers.

Parent and carer involvement in any way is much needed, encouraged and appreciated. With the support of all parents and carers, the P&C makes a distinct and positive contribution to the development of our school community.