Assessment and Reporting

Getting To Know You Interviews

Getting to Know You interviews are held early in Term 1. During these interviews, teachers meet with parents and carers to discuss their child's interests, strengths and any areas of concern about their learning and self-management skills.

Academic Reports

Mount Rogers Primary School provides regular, accurate and comprehensive information about a child's intellectual, social and personal development, and indicates areas for further development. Academic reports are a formal record at a point in time on the student's progress and achievement. Parents and carers are emailed a copy of the student's academic reports at the end of each semester. Kindergarten students are provided with a report outlining their achievements in the Performance Indicators in Primary Schools (PIPS) assessment at the beginning and end of the year. Students in years 3 and 5 are provided with a report of their achievements in the National Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Program (NAPLAN). Individual reports will show the student's achievement compared to the national benchmarks.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parents and carers are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with their child's class teacher in
conjunction with the Semester 1 report. The purpose of this interview is to discuss progress and set goals for
Semester 2. In addition to the formal interviews, parents and carers are welcome to make an appointment
at any time to discuss their child's progress.

Learning Expos and Open Mornings  (Year 3-6)

During the year, usually at the end of a Guided Inquiry, families are invited to the classrooms so students can
share their learning and achievements. Students set up a display and present their work.