Other Programs

Other Programs

Rostrum Public Speaking

Senior students are given opportunities each year to develop their public speaking skills by participating in
the ACT Rostrum Competition.

Woodwind Bands

We have two woodwind bands for year 5 and 6 students, who have opportunities to play in a combined band with other schools over the course of the year. The Year 6 combined band plays in Bandstravaganza, a concert with bands from other Canberra schools at the end of the year. Students who join the school band make a two-year time and financial commitment to remain in the band. Many year 6 students go on to be selected to join the ACT Primary Concert Band.

Celebrating the Arts

A whole school concert is put on by the students every even school year. A whole school art show is held every odd school year. Parents and other family members are encouraged to attend both these special events.

Magellan Gifted and Talented Program

A selected group of year 5 and 6 students from Mount Rogers Primary School participate in a weekly gifted and talented maths and science program at Melba Copland Secondary School with other eligible students from local schools.

Transition Programs

Transition programs operate each year for students as they move from one year level to the next. In the last week of the year, Moving Up Day allows students to spend a morning with the teacher they will have the following year.

Students in preschool participate in a range of activities in preparation for Kindergarten. This transition program includes primary school buddies visiting the preschool, visits to kindergarten, tours of the school, and library visits.

In preparation for high school, year 6 students have a series of visits to Melba Copland Secondary School during which they experience high school programs and meet the Year 7 Coordinator.