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Awards and Recognition


Merit Awards

Students from each class are recognised for effort or achievement in any area of the curriculum, or improvement in their approach to learning. These recognitions are made in the classroom and students are presented with Merit Awards to take home.
Stars of the year - Two students (one from K-2 and another from years 3-6) are recognised as outstanding role models who consistently demonstrate the school values of fairness, excellence, honesty and respect.

Artist of the Term

One student from each class is presented this award each Term. Artwork produced by these students is displayed in the foyer of the school for the following Term.

Values Awards

A selection of students from each class are recognised for consistent demonstration of the school values. Values Awards are presented at Assembly twice per term.

Sporting Awards

Following sporting carnivals ribbons are presented to students who came first, second, third and fourth in events.

Other achievements including selection for representative sporting teams are recognised through the school Newsletter and at morning Assembly.

Green Awards

Students acting as good role models in the playground, caring for the environment are given a green award which goes in the Award box. Two awards are drawn from the box at each Assembly. The chosen awardees receive a voucher from the canteen.

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