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The Arts

The Arts incorporates visual art, music, dance, drama and media arts.  At Mount Rogers Primary the arts are highly valued with many elements linked to units of study. Our specialist music teacher works alongside classroom teachers to develop confidence in the teaching of music and coordinates Outreach music visits for our students to nursing homes, aged care facilities, dementia units, preschools, schools, libraries and other community venues. More detailed information about the music program can be found under the heading Outreach Music Program.


Mount Rogers' students are provided with a variety of opportunities to understand and use sensory information as a means of public expression for personal experience, ideas and imagination. Each area of The Arts - dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts - provides students with opportunities to achieve success in learning. School corridors and classrooms reflect the importance and excellence of the visual arts program at the school. Achievement in The Arts is celebrated with Artist of the Month Awards being presented to a student from each class in school assemblies. Artist of the Month artwork is displayed in the front corridor of the school.

Outreach Music Program


The Music Engagement Program has been designed and developed by Dr Susan West over the last 15 years at the Australian National University School of Music.  It is based on a social philosophy of shared, active music-making through singing called the Music Outreach Principle (MOP).  The MOP is activated when social music making is used as a means of promoting well-being, encouraging participation and developing musical skills and knowledge. The MEP approach allows the participants to have positive music experiences in a safe environment in which the idea of 'I make music in order that you will make music for the mutual benefit of all' is transferred among all participants to encourage ongoing participation. 

Each week classes sing together with lessons facilitated by the music teacher.  The teachers are learning the repertoire alongside their students.  Teachers are accompanying their students to the nursing homes, community centres and dementia units and they are participating at their own levels. It is fantastic to see the teachers modelling positive behaviours towards music and learning in general.  Singing is becoming part of the culture of the school and singing is presented by each class at school assemblies. 

Using the Music Engagement Program Singing philosophy as our basis we have instigated many school initiatives:

Grandfriend's Day Inreaches
Outreaches to local Nursing Home
Singing at a local Dementia Centre
Citizenship Ceremonies
Preschool outreach visits
Community singing nights
Outreach style concerts

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