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Sustainability at Mount Rogers Primary School

Grow.  Harvest. Prepare.  Share.

“Sustainability is interacting with the environment in a way that we ensure there will be enough resources left for future generations.”

Students learn about being sustainable through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program by growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing food from our gardens. They experience the cycle of enriching our vegetable gardens using compost and worm castings generated from their daily food scraps. We also participate in important events on the National Environment Calendar (Earth Hour, Recycling Week) which allows students to make a contribution in the care of their environment.

Other activities such as the Aussie Bird Count, Pollinator Week also create opportunities for students to interact with the natural world. Benefits include developing respect, appreciation and empathy for our environment.

Junior classes have the opportunity to visit the Green Space for a 90 minute lesson each week for a Semester. Other opportunities for the students to participate and contribute is through our student environment group “Roger Rangers” and the Gardening Club during breaks.

Future projects include the maintenance and expansion of our vegetable (including our orchard), Indigenous Bush Tucker and ‘Upcycle’ gardens.

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