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Inquiry learning years 3 to 6

Creativity and curiosity are nurtured at Mount Rogers Primary School, and inquiry is central to our learning philosophy. Inquiry units draw from a range of disciplines including science, humanities, social sciences, technology and the arts. By selecting rich concepts to explore during guided inquiries teachers focus on deepening students’ understandings by guiding their thinking about lower level ‘facts’ through to concepts and, ultimately, to higher level, transferable generalizations and skills.

In the senior years, students are immersed in inquiries that are guided by rich questions and student wonderings. Intentional teaching focuses on students learning skills to become confident independent thinkers, collaborators, self-managers, communicators and researchers, alongside developing conceptual understandings and knowledge.  Students practise these skills through engaging in personalised Educational Research Projects (ERPs). ERP’s provide opportunities for students to explore their own interests but are linked to specific learning intentions covered in class. Students write a proposal for the ERP and set goals with their teacher. They are provided with time to work on their personalised project and once completed they share their work with an audience.

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