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Infectious Diseases

The Health Authority supplies the following information regarding exclusion for the more common communicable childhood diseases:

Measles Exclude for at least four days after the appearance of the rash or until a medical certificate of recovery is produced
German Measles Exclude for at least four days after the appearance of the rash.  Recovery may take up to seven days
Mumps Until fully recovered – at least ten days after swelling occurs
Chicken Pox Until fully recovered, or for at least five days – some remaining scabs are not an indication for exclusion
Pediculosis Until treatment has cleared all signs of infestation & eggs (nits/lice) should be removed from the hair after treatment
Ringworm/Scabies Until the day after treatment has commenced
Conjuctivities Until discharge from the eyes has cleared
Impetigo Exclude until appropriate treatment has commenced and sores on exposed (School Sores) surfaces are covered with a dressing
Whooping Cough Exclude for 5 days after starting antibiotic treatment.   Exclude non-immunised household contacts, who have not attained 7 years of age, for 14 days after the last exposure to infection or until 5 days of a 14 day course of antibiotics has been administered to the contact
Hepatitis A Exclude for at least 7 days after onset of jaundice and a certificate is furnished by a medical practitioner stating that the person is no longer infectious

Please contact the school immediately if you are aware of any infectious disease affecting your child.

Information Computer Technology (ICT)

ICT tools are an integral component of current teaching and learning approaches. In the same way that most adults reach for their smart phone or tablet when they need to find out something instantly, our students are growing up in a world where information is needed in the moment. Our goal for using ICT in classrooms, is to have a seamless integration of these tools into the teaching and learning that is happening. For some aspects of learning, students might reach for a dictionary, or a reference book, or an iPad, or a digital camera. We aim to empower students to be able to access the most appropriate tool (whether technological or not) for the learning they are doing.

We also acknowledge that our students have only ever lived in an information age. It is therefore our responsibility to give students the knowledge, skills and attitudes to use ICT in a socially responsible manner. While one aspect of ICT is in researching or consuming the information that is readily available, another aspect is the production of information to share with others. All of the ICT tools currently available easily allow students to create high quality products, such as movies, podcasts, ebooks etc. We believe that these types of products allow students to demonstrate their new knowledge and understandings in a variety of exciting ways.

At Mount Rogers Primary School we are continuing to build our resources to support students in this new approach to teaching and learning. Students currently have ready access to iPads and netbooks, interactive whiteboards, and a range of digital peripherals. We are also continuing to investigate new tools that will enhance the learning opportunities and experiences of our students.

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