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At Mount Rogers we have implemented a range of intervention programs to meet the needs of students requiring additional support. Targeted year 1 students receive intensive reading and writing support to assist in embedding effective reading strategies. 

Reading and maths groups throughout the school are arranged according to the students' needs and make use of extra teaching staff to reduce the size of the groups. This allows the teachers to effectively target the individual needs of all students. Students regularly move from one group to another ensuring individual needs are being met. Our approach to the grouping of students is also supportive of students who require extension.

Students who are learning English as an additional language also receive further support, either within the classroom setting or by working in a small group with an English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) teacher.

As a National Partnership school from 2010- 2012, Mount Rogers had a full-time Literacy and Numeracy Field Officer who worked with teachers across the school to improve students' success in literacy and numeracy. This support took the form of team teaching, assisting with planning and assessment, and mentoring teachers on all aspects of literacy and numeracy. The success of this approach was evident through increased teacher confidence, a more consistent approach to the teaching of literacy and numeracy and most importantly improved outcomes for students particularly in the junior grades. Because of this success at the end of 2012 the Literacy and Numeracy Field Officer was been placed at another school. The school has been provided with some additional funding for 2013-14 to continue supporting improved literacy and numeracy teaching and learning.

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